Ultimate Software
International Women’s Day

Ultimate Software is consistently named one of the top Workplaces for Women. Turns out gender equality isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s also good for business.

Split Narrative

For International Women’s Day 2020, we wanted to go above and beyond just raising awareness and inspire action on the part of both men and women to close the gender pay gap. Working with the extremely talented director, Jenny Gage, the video is both visually engaging and sobering.

Throughout three video executions, a pair of male and female professionals are shown on a divided screen sharing their equally impressive qualifications. As the dialogue continues, the tension builds as the split-screen moves to make the woman’s side smaller. The conversation diverges at the revelation of their pay difference and ends with the woman only occupying between 33-35% of the screen. Their dialog only diverges when it comes to their pay difference.

It resolves with a call to action that everyone, regardless of gender, must stand up for pay equality.

What I Was Told

Ultimate Software is consistently ranked among Companies that Care, and one of the Best Places to Work. So, for our first International Women’s Day, we asked top company leaders to share their real experiences with prejudice and sexism. Zambezi shot on campus with Oscar-winning documentarian Lucy Walker to craft a powerful, personal film. Then we planned and bought weight in surgically targeted primetime broadcast and extended reach in digital with page takeovers on Wall Street Journal and NYT leading up to International Women’s Day. The resulting traffic to Ultimate Software’s site was overwhelming, primarily from new customers.


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Marketers can, and should, take
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Marketers can, and should, take
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