Golf Ball

In addition to their top notch-clubs, TaylorMade has a diverse portfolio of golf ball options. Our work proves TaylorMade has got something for everyone, from Tour Pros to amateur players.


Full send? Check. Flop shot? Check. High fade, low stinger or out of the sand? Check, check and check. We had some of the biggest names in golf put the newly redesigned TP5 and TP5x to the test, calling and then hitting every kind of shot imaginable. From driver off the deck to a one hop and stop and everything in between, we showed that no matter the shot, this ball is better for them all.

Swear By It

For players who want to play a Tour-quality ball, without paying a Tour-quality price, we introduced TaylorMade’s all new Tour Response in Swear By It as a super-responsive, not- so-expensive ball that players can swear by, instead of at.

School of Swagger

TaylorMade decided to redesign the TP5 Pix ball with a fresh new look — also co-designed by Rickie. So to announce the relaunch, we created a social content series called the School of Swagger. We cast a throwback-style host, named him Vic Farnsworth, and then shot a number of different episodes where Vic and Rick would showcase the new ball, and more importantly, how it could deliver more swag to every golfer who put it into play. The series was launched with a broadcast spot that served as a trailer for the show and set the tone for the entire series.

After all, it’s not a dozen balls. It’s a box of swagger.


When TaylorMade first launched the TP5 Pix golf ball, we wanted to create an announcement spot that highlighted the unique look and design of the ball. And since it was made for Rickie Fowler, it was only fitting that we play off his unique style and appeal. Trendsetter begins with Rickie arriving at his swanky golf club. As he makes his way to the chipping green, we notice more and more members who clearly want to be just like Rick — culminating in the reveal of the ball and the reaction from onlookers who now had another reason to want to mimic Mr. Fowler.


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Marketers can, and should, take
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