Traeger Grills
Welcome to the Traegerhood

Nothing brings people together like a Traeger Grill. That’s what we set out to show by creating a place where the food is flavorful, the friendships are warm, and where everyone has a seat at the table. Welcome to the Traegerhood.

We started with the tagline and went from there, developing a fully integrated campaign with a high-level brand awareness spot focusing on Traeger’s ideals of community and togetherness. To tell that story, we turned the grill itself into the hero of the film, keeping it at the center of the narrative from start to finish as it rolls across the country drawing an ever growing crowd of fanatic followers in its wake. But we didn’t stop there. We followed up the spot with supporting social, digital and out of home work with the goal of welcoming as many people as possible into the loving, delicious embrace of the Traegerhood.

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