Traeger Grills
Miracle of Flavor

In 2021, we introduced the world to the Traegerhood, a place with slow cooking and fast friends. Where the food is hot and the feelings are warm. In 2022, we took another step into the Traegerhood, offering an even more detailed look into the magical place that exists at the intersection of taste and togetherness, where sharing food with friends is about more than just flavor, it’s the flavor of life.

The Birds and the Brisket

Every kid in the Traegerhood reaches an age when it’s time they got The Talk and learned once and for all about the miracle of flavor. Our film features a curious little girl, grilling her mom about the secrets of grilling, and learning about the beautiful thing that’s created when friends and family come together to share delicious food together. Directed masterfully by Jeremy Saulnier, "The Birds and the Brisket", shows viewers a familiar family moment through an entirely new, and entirely delicious, lens that’s equal parts heartwarming and hilarious.

Big News

The first of two supporting spots that act as companion pieces to "The Birds and the Brisket", "Big News" takes another familiar family trope and turns it on its head. When a young husband receives news that the moment every young couple dreams about has arrived, he can barely contain his excitement, and immediately calls his parents to share the good news. Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Nope, it’s a brisket!

Smells Like Smoke

Kids don’t stay kids forever. Eventually they turn into teenagers and get into all kinds of trouble. Only in the Traegerhood, getting caught smoking smells a little different. When a no-nonsense mom catches her son using the Traeger without her, she marches him right back outside to teach him a life lesson in flavor that he’ll never forget.