Under Armour
Protect This House

Today, hard work for purely individual gain doesn’t cut it. Young athletes want to go all in and all out for something bigger than themselves: their team. In this reimagination of Under Armour’s iconic campaign, we are calling on a new generation to “Protect This House.”

To make Under Armour a badge of honor for a new, younger audience, we tapped basketball legend Stephen Curry, and future legends Aliyah Boston of the NCAA Championship winning USC Gamecocks and Kelsey Plum of the WNBA Championship winning Las Vegas Aces, to lead the charge. “This house” became a metaphor for everything an athlete and their teammates protect – themselves, each other, their families, friends, and where they come from, leaning into the insight that, when we battle for each other, our fight is tougher to break.

And how do they protect it? With their armor. The physical and mental preparation they put in before every game, every season.